Providing Compassionate
Non-Medical Companion Care Services for the Elderly

Ask for the Extended Services:
* Companionship
* Light Housekeeping
* Cooking
* Shopping & Errands
* Incidental Transportation
And many other options available.
More About Caregiving Companions

Caregiving Companions is an agency modeled after the successful agency Ageless Placements founded by Paula Kay in 1992. Using the same methods and services with the guidance of Paula Kay, Caregiving Companions provides non-medical services to a substantial aging population -- seniors living alone that are at risk for falls and other accidents, medication errors, and mental stress due to isolation and loneliness.

When you hire Caregiving Companions to help your loved one, it’s as if you have a family member you can count on to look for help and guidance. We will treat your loved one with the same loving care and respect just like we would treat a loved one in our own family. At Caregiving Companions, compassion is our passion.

In order to ensure the security, safety, and privacy of our clients:
We conduct a thorough screening and background check of our caregivers.
All information regarding our clients is kept strictly confidential.
We are bonded and insured.

Daniel Frost, Proprietor of Caregiving Companions

Compassion, care giving, and assisting others has always been a theme in Daniel's life. As a child, he was the type to always lend a hand, eager to help his elders and peers.

He spent twelve years in the financial and investment world after receiving his degree in Geography from Towson University. It was during this time, as he assisted people with retirement planning, that Daniel became aware of the challenges faced by the aging and elderly, and felt a calling in his heart to work with this segment of the population that is often overlooked.

It's not surprising that around this same time, Daniel was drawn to Buddhism as a spiritual practice. Buddhism's main tenet is about opening one's heart, and awakening compassion towards fellow humans. As Daniel continued his Buddhist studies, he felt even stronger about living an authentic life in service to others, and revisited his hearts’ calling to assist the elderly.

Daniel began volunteering through the Baltimore County Department of Aging to assist elders in need of companionship and help with daily tasks. He found this so rewarding that he decided to work as care giver for an elder care company.

Passionate and experienced in his field of service, Daniel opened his own agency, Caregiving Companions. He has found it to be an enormously rewarding experience, one that echoes the words of his respected mentors, "Make a difference."

Caregiving Companions LLC
 P.O. Box 32207, Pikesville, MD 21282-2207 
Phone: (443) 310-7992 : Fax: (443) 320 -9237

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